Aronia Berry Harvest 2016 Has Begun!


Have you heard?  Aronia Berries have the highest antioxidant concentration of all fruits!

They are rapidly gaining popularity among wineries, meaderies and a few breweries as well.  The fresh berries are astringent, with a mouth feel like a dry wine.  Some people like to eat them fresh for the maximum health benefits, but they also freeze well and are great for baking, juicing & canning.  They can also be dehydrated for later use.  We offer Upick berries, berries picked by us and also frozen berries to come.  Our berries are organically grown.  We use no chemicals, sprays or fertilizers of any kind on our plants.

Our prices are as follows:

PINT container(we provide) – Upick $2……… WePick $3

QUART container (we provide) about 1.25 lb. – Upick $3………WePick $4

2lb. container (we provide) about 2.75 lbs. – Upick $6……..WePick $8

Over 50 lbs. – Upick $1/lb………WePick $2/lb

Upick Hours……Sunday, September 11th

10am to 3pm

We will also be open for upick hours the week of September 12th, but please call or email us to make an appointment and ensure that we are here.



We are still looking for the owner of a wallet left here on Lavender Weekend.

If that was you, PLEASE contact us!


How to find us ….

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